Smarter supplement shopping.

Taking a supplement can make a major difference in your health and quality of life, but how do you know which ones offer real benefits? How do you separate the product with real science behind them from those with great marketing but unsubstantiated claims?

Have you ever stood in front of the wall of supplements in the nutrition aisle, confused? Been frustrated with the long list of supplement products in your online search? You are not alone! In fact, as a science-based and independent group, we are often shocked at all the marketing gimmicks and flat-out BS that’s out there when you are shopping for a supplement.

You don’t have to guess, VITAMENTOR has your back.

Let us help you find the right supplement products, with our expert advice and independent perspective. Our collection of articles has useful discussions and resources to help simplify choosing the right supplement. We also have some handy tools to help you make good purchasing decisions.

Trust nobody

In the world of supplements, everyone is trying to sell you their magic bullet. We live in a country where literally anyone can make their own supplement “brand” and sell it online. Some supplements even contain undisclosed drugs! With all the options available, how can you find the right product that actually works – for you?

So what’s the solution? Read some boring information on WebMD? Find an interesting blog, only to realize that it’s riddled with affiliate links and written by a clueless pseudo-nutritionist who uses other blogs to get their info? No thanks!

VITAMENTOR boils down the scientific evidence into simple advice you can trust about the best and most reliable products for your specific needs. If it’s not been proven, we don’t recommend it.

We are an independent company, so we are brand agnostic and we are not trying to sell any specific products. If we don’t think a product is delivering the goods, we say so! But we also give you some alternatives, either products or lifestyle changes, that can help you achieve the benefit you are seeking.

How we work

Our site is designed to help you find the right product. We are ad-supported, so unlike other blogs that make money selling products through affiliate links, we get no benefit from recommending any specific product. We make the suggestion, but you decide for yourself.

Our promise

We promise to only recommend products based on our independent assessment of the scientific evidence. We always look for products that come from reputable companies who have been around for years and are known to participate in industry trade organizations such as the Council for Responsible Nutrition. One of the main issues with purchasing supplements online these days is the proliferation of choices. How do you know that you are buying from a reputable company with years of experience in sourcing ingredients and quality practices? You won’t find us recommending products from sketchy drop-shipping companies on this site. 

After all, if you are investing in a supplement for your health, why would you take chances? 

We are here to help.