How long until melatonin kicks in?

how long until melatonin kicks in

Not sleeping is a living hell. We all know how it goes, you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. The more time that goes by the more stressed out you get about not sleeping. And you are going to feel like you got hit by a truck the next day. Many people turn to … Read more

How much vitamin D should I take a day?

How much vitamin D should I take a day

Vitamin D is super-important for multiple health areas including bone health, immune system function, and heart health. However, you are probably asking yourself, how much vitamin D should I take a day? After all, everyone is different, and we know that some people get more sun than others. Also, did you know that your level … Read more

Goli apple cider vinegar gummies: Legit benefits or expensive candy?

Goli apple cider vinegar gummies are the hot new product on Amazon these days. Heck, they were even on the Ellen Degeneres show! They’ve become so popular that many copycat products have popped up on Amazon. These products carry a big promise, claiming to deliver all the benefits of apple cider vinegar in a great-tasting … Read more

How many Emergen-C per day is OK to drink?

Have you heard of a “quarantini”? This is a mixed drink where you add vodka to – you guessed it – Emergen C! Of course you need to serve it up in a martini glass… Well, it’s not necessarily something we endorse (neither do the makers of Emergen C), but we do marvel at the … Read more

Can you take Emergen C while pregnant?

emergen-C while pregnant

It ain’t no fun being pregnant during a global pandemic, right? Never mind the social isolation when you should be celebrating with friends and family, but the constant threat of coming down with a serious infection can be a real downer. However, there are things you can do to help mitigate that risk, including sleeping … Read more

What is Bacopa monnieri good for?

Bacopa monnieri

Image credit: “bacopa” by M. Martin Vicente is licensed under CC BY 2.0  Bacopa is one of the breakout stars of the nootropics world. Lots of people are talking about it and there has been a proliferation of supplement products containing this brain-boosting herb. But does the science live up to the hype? And what does it actually do … Read more

What’s the best huperzine A dosage for memory?

huperzine A

Huperzine A is a popular ingredient in a lot of nootropic stacks these days. However, how do you know you are taking the right dosage for the memory benefits that it can provide? There are lots of folks out there giving their own advice and anecdotal experience with it, but should we really trust a … Read more

Is the Smarty Pants PhD Prenatal the ultimate prenatal multivitamin?


With all the options out there, it’s hard to decide which multivitamin is best for your developing baby. Searching on Amazon you will find scores of name brands and unknown brands, all with a lot of similar ingredients. Which ones should you consider? And which companies are the most reputable and are using the best … Read more

Prenatal vitamins that are easy on the stomach


It’s the ultimate catch-22. You are already not feeling well because, hey, you’re pregnant. But because you are, your doctor told you to take a prenatal vitamin that… upsets your stomach. So, what to do in this situation? I mean, we’re not going to cheat baby out of the essential nutrients she needs, right? Turns … Read more

Prenatal gummies vs pills

prenatal gummies vs pills

Taking a gummy prenatal vitamin might be a tempting choice.  I mean who really likes swallowing pills anyway? Plus a little sweet treat every day, and doing something healthy to boot. I mean you get all the same benefits, right? Well, like most things in life, things aren’t always so simple. There are a few … Read more